Hassle-free, safe and easy-to-use fasteners from your trusted supplier

Safety Distributors supplies hook and loop fasteners made specifically to industry standards. Our range of hook fasteners is durable, lasting for multiple uses with minimal decline in effectiveness. Contact us today to find out more.

Customer service excellence

We have a customer service team that consists of the most knowledgeable and personable individuals on the market. Each member of our close-knit customer service team has a passion for ensuring that every time you engage with us you are provided with solutions that are suited to your specific requirements. They have the expertise to select the loop fastener type that will perform most effectively for your needs and ensure a prompt delivery of the product in question.


Velcro type or hook fasteners are versatile products that have a growing list of uses where a temporary bond is needed, varying from household to industrial. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Fastening rugs in place
  • Keeping cables tied up
  • Hanging lightweight pieces of art
  • Securing wrapping paper from rolling up
  • Hanging and organising tools in the garage
  • To secure cushions to outdoor furniture
  • To secure floor mats and speaker covers in cars
  • Luggage straps

Our hook and loop fasteners come in either black or white and in a variety of sizes.

Check our product catalogue for more details.

Why use our fasteners?

  • Value for money
  • Simple-to-use & effective adhesive solution
  • Virtually no maintenance

From sew on fasteners to self-adhesive Velcro types, we have a host of solutions for you to try out. Get in touch with our friendly team and they will be more than happy to assist.

Contact our customer services team today and explore all the ways you can use hook fasteners today.

13mm Black Back to Back Velcro, 25m roll


13mm White Back to Back Velcro, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type Black Hook, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type Black Loop, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type White Hook, 25m roll


16mm Velcro Type, White Loop, 25m roll


20mm Velcro Type Black Hook


20mm Velcro Type Black Loop


20mm Velcro Type White Hook, Self Adhesive

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